Orchios and Ter Laak Orchids are launching The Orchid Growers

8 September 2021   

From 1 January 2022, Orchios and Ter Laak Orchids are combining their offer on the market. These orchid growers are launching The Orchid Growers, an organisation to take care of the sales, marketing and product development for both companies. This will allow The Orchid Growers to put a wide-ranging and deep assortment of high-quality Phalaenopsis on the market. Together they produce 11 million plants annually, which are available in several pot sizes (7/9/12/17/21 cm), concepts and varieties. They can offer their customers the ease of a complete assortment, with all the different forms of Phalaenopsis always available in one place.

The production companies are remaining independent. They will share knowledge in the areas of cultivation and production, and collaborate on product and assortment development. This enables them to focus more on high-quality cultivation and production, while the sales and marketing efforts will be bundled in The Orchid Growers. The combined Phalaenopsis assortment will be marketed under the brand name Mimesis, introduced this year by Ter Laak Orchids.