Care tips

Temperature & light  |  The Phalaenopsis grows well at normal room temperatures, preferably between 18°C and 22°C. Place the plant in a bright spot, but avoid direct sunlight in the summer months (April to August). Otherwise, the leaves may turn yellow. The shedding of buds and leaves, in contrast, suggests a lack of light.

Water & nutrients  |  Water the Phalaenopsis once a week (mini's 2x per week). Submerge the cultivation pot in a layer of water for 10 minutes. This gives the roots plenty of time to absorb water. Then you can put the Phalaenopsis back in its decorative pot. Make sure that there is no water remaining in the decorative pot; the orchid doesn't like wet feet! For optimal flowering enjoyment, feed the orchid with Pokon or Culvita once a month.

Arrangements  |  Is your orchid part of an arrangement so it cannot be submerged in water? Then put 4 ice blocks next to the leaf of the plant weekly or give it 70 cc of water 2x per week.

Bouquets  |  Cut the flower stems diagonally (2 cm) and place the bouquet in a clean vase filled with lukewarm water. Then add some flower food to the water. Refresh the water 2x per week for an optimal result.

Did you know that... can cut off the air roots sticking up above the pot?
...if the roots turn grey, the plant needs watering? orchid does not do well in drafts, near fruit or flower bulbs, or by different temperatures?