Ter Laak Orchids

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion and it's something we do with love and attention each and every day. We do this around the world at the highest level. We always strive for the best quality and that's why we continue to invest in technological innovations and developing our product. Always in a sustainable way, because respect for people and their environment is in our nature. Our sustainable innovations help us to use the least amount of energy and water. The most striking recent development is the building of our energy-efficient Daylight Greenhouse (5 ha). Although construction is still going on, the first plants are already using the greenhouse.

Ter Laak Orchids was founded in 1954 and is currently being run by the brothers Eduard and Richard ter Laak. So it’s a real family concern! In our two nurseries in Wateringen, we grow around 6 million Phalaenopsis plants annually for garden centres, florists and retailers throughout Europe. At the moment at any rate; once the new Daylight Greenhouse is ready, we can produce 8 million plants per year on a total surface area of 17.5 ha. We are supported by a committed and enthusiastic team of 185 employees. Together we set the bar even higher. We believe after all in collaboration and invest in sustainable relationships. Together we'll achieve the best result, so consumers around the world can enjoy our Phalaenopsis.