Sustainable innovations

Sustainability is coded in our DNA. We want to make a positive contribution to a sustainable world and minimise our environmental impact. This is reflected in everything we do. We invest in sustainable solutions that help us reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions and stop wasting water. We are realising this together with the business community, research institutions and the education sector. The most recent developments in our endeavours are the building of our energy-efficient Daylight Greenhouse and underground water storage.

Daylight Greenhouse  |
  Currently, a new, highly sustainable Daylight Greenhouse (5 ha) is being built next door to our current nursery. Special lenses in the covering focus sunbeams on a tube containing flowing water. This heats the water in the tubes, which is then stored. We can either use the heat directly or later to heat the greenhouse, for example at night or in the winter. It is a highly technical and innovative system which saves us 45-50% of energy, without detracting from the plant quality. Even better: the diffuse double glazing in the covering improves the plant quality!

Underground water storage  |  In our nurseries we want to save water as well as energy. That's why we created an underground water storage in 2017. It allows us to store unlimited excess rainwater in the ground. The rainwater can be pumped up as required at a later time and used to water the plants and cool down the greenhouse. And not just that: we are helping to counteract salination of the soil and prevent local flooding in wet periods. We are thus assisting the Delfland Water Board!

Plus...  |  Along with the above-mentioned projects, we are sustainable in the broadest sense of the word. We make optimal use of our surface area by having a second cultivation layer, use LED lighting and grow as organically as possible. We use recyclable packaging, invest in co-generation systems and have an external screen. It is the strength of the coherent whole that brings us further along on the path of sustainable business.


Certification  |  We have obtained the MPS Florimark Production Label. This sustainability certificate guarantees our buyers that we comply with the strict criteria when it concerns humans, the environment and quality.