Continuous improvement

We work hard to continuously broaden the number of product concepts and expand and improve our Phalaenopsis range. That includes conducting research in our own R&D department and test greenhouses and trialling new varieties for renowned plant suppliers. Only by continuously developing the best and most complete orchid range and new concepts will we remain at the forefront of orchid production.

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Ethylene Treatments

Before they leave the nursery, all orchid plants are treated with Ethyl Bloc. As a result, the plants are resistant to ethylene gas, which is caused by a lot of vegetables, fruit and bulbous plants. During transport, distribution and on the shop floor orchids plants can come into contact with this - for flowers and plants harmful - ethylene gas. By using Ethyl Bloc, the color of the orchid remains intact, leaf and flower loss is prevented and the aging process is delayed. This means that you can enjoy your phalaenopsis for a longer time!