Come to us and you'll find only pure and sustainably-grown Phalaenopsis orchids. We supply wholesalers, garden centres and retailers with an extremely wide but sophisticated range. In addition to our own range of exclusive orchid varieties, we have a range from leading breeders around the world. These orchids are available every week of the year. We also develop complete concepts, in which plant, pot and packaging form a coherent whole.

Our unprecedented range of beautiful orchids and concepts are a by-word for sustainability and quality, so you can be certain that you’ll always meet your customers’ specific Phalaenopsis requirements. 



Authentic Orchid - perfect imperfection
This sustainably cultivated orchid may have a small blemish here or there, but it is guaranteed to be of high quality and therefore too good to waste! After all, while we are committed to the pursuit of producing exceptional products, we feel that having respect for nature is just as important. Watch the story



Your business, our orchids?

There are different opinions about the right stage of maturity for supplying Phalaenopsis. Some growers are convinced that supplying Phalaenopsis with 50% open flowers is the best option because then the quality is optimal. In contrast, some chains demand plants with closed buds. Their argument is that you can work longer with the plants in the marketing phase and the consumer can still enjoy all the buds on the plant. The right stage of maturity for supplying Phalaenopsis is determined by the market rather than what is best for the product’s quality. Orchidee Nederland did research. Read the results here

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