Ter Laak Orchids

Our family business has been growing Phalaenopsis plants since 1980. In that time, we've developed into a respected partner for many customers around the world. Our clients appreciate our results-oriented approach and typical Dutch trading mentality. In everything we do, we are guided by our core values: demonstrating ambition, respecting people and the environment and doing business in straightforward way.

We are located in Wateringen, in the province of South Holland. Together with our 140 employees, we grow more than 6 million Phalaenopsis plants every year. We have 125,000 m2 production area spread over two modern, sustainable sites. We sell our plants to wholesalers, garden centres and retailers, who in turn ensure that consumers around the world can enjoy our Phalaenopsis orchids.

State-of-the-art potted plant nursery

In 2011, Ter Laak Orchids opened a brand new Phalaenopsis nursery. Covering 78,500 m2, our nursery is remarkable for its large size, but the real eye-opener is the sustainable nature of the premises. The solar panels on the outside screen are extremely innovative and its scale is unique in greenhouse horticulture. The fully-insulated facade of the greenhouses, three indoor screens, heat/cold sources, heat pump and cogeneration installation with a flue gas cleaner have lead to energy savings and CO2 reduction. Last but not least, we have our Daylight Greenhouse. Covering 4,000 m2, it collects solar energy and releases the heat at a later stage to warm the greenhouse, enabling us to cultivate in a very energy-efficient way.

The pot plants nursery is the epitome of sustainability. We also employ the latest cultivation techniques and use a high degree of automation. It matches perfectly the organisation's deep-seated ambition to improve continuously. We believe our new nursery is the key to a more efficient cultivation of orchids.


Our core values

Our methods and processes incorporate completely our core values. We are guided by our core values in everything we do: demonstrating ambition, respecting people and the environment and doing business in results-oriented, simplistic way. We are true to these core values and our customers appreciate that. We have long-term relationships with many of our customers.

We always strive to be better, more efficient and more profitable. We can't become better on our own though - that's why we work with excellent partners. We enjoy doing more than expected, and creating and seizing opportunities because we know that creates added value throughout the entire supply chain. We have succeeded in that by combining professionalism with innovative entrepreneurship.

Respect for people and the environment
Our sustainable and socially-acceptable facilities and working methods are distinctive. They speak for themselves.

We like to keep it simple. Be effective and transparent. That's why we employ the practical and flexible approach. And that’s why we don’t compromise on the high quality of our product. This approach lets us set up an effective organisation that can respond to the rapidly changing demands of the market.