We wouldn't be successful without collaborating, and so we work with the following businesses:

Decorum Company
Decorum Company is a collaboration of forty leading growers of potted plants and thirteen growers of flowers. All member companies are fully automated, with enough flexibility to zero in quickly on the latest developments. All Decorum products are grown with real passion for plants and flowers; the result is superior quality!

The Decorum Company's marketing and sales department carries out three main activities: Decorum Brands, Decorum Plants & Flowers and Decorum Private Labels.

Orchid Netherlands
We are one of the initiators of Orchid Netherlands. This organisation is dedicated to providing a better future for the orchid via a promotional plan, market research, supply information, market expansion, positioning and promotion.

Plant suppliers
We like to supply a unique and reliable range of orchids. That is why we work closely with plant suppliers. We act as a test company for several reputable suppliers.

We are a member of Plantform, an association of 35 ambitious potted plants growers. Together, we give guidance on the development of automated solutions for potted plants companies. In just a few years, Plantform has become the contact point for the application of integrated systems in the horticulture sector.

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