We attach great importance to quality certifications. It underlines our ambition to be a forerunner in a sustainable and social way of working. Ter Laak Orchids have the following certificates.

MPS-Florimark Production
We have the MPS-Florimark Production label. This top certificate of the MPS foundation assures our customers that we meet the strict requirements in terms of people, environment and quality. Herewith the MPS-Florimark Production is the ultimate sustainability label of our sector.

To get this certificate, we must have four sub certificates:

This is the global eco-label that shows that we grow our Phalaenopsis environmentally friendly at the highest level.

This certificate shows that we meet the requirements in terms of traceability, sustainability and safety. This is the certificate of the supermarket organizations in Europe.

MPS Quality
This certificate shows that our business processes are described and that this leads to a noticeable improvement in our quality.

This certificate shows that we deal with our employees and temporary workers in a good, safe and social way.