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Our own concepts

We don’t just develop our own exclusive Phalaenopsis varieties. We also develop complete concepts. A concept is a total package that includes the plant, the pot and the packaging. Our concepts offer great added value to your range, and we’re convinced your customers will choose our orchids before anyone else's. Read more...


Decorum Company

We are a member of Decorum Company. The Decorum label – which stands for quality and reliability – is carried by our plants and flowers, which are delivered through selected dealers to more than 40 different countries. Read more...


The Orchid

Orchids come originally from South-east Asia, Australia and the Philippines. In its natural environment, the Phalaenopsis orchid grows without soil in trees and on rocks, near streams and rivers. The orchid attaches itself to tree bark and rocks by gripping on with its roots. Phalaenopsis orchids are available all year round not only at florists and garden centres but also at hardware stores and supermarkets. Read more...